Phone Numbers: Important to Businesses in the UK

At NSUSI (we have to shorten our name and yes we are aware that it is a mouthful!) we do studies on numbers and particularly phone numbers. The studies include the sequential numbers and how they are more important for big businesses, Universal numbering and what ‘one number for life’ would mean and Indigenous numbers.

Our first study started when phone numbers became important to businesses in the UK. We noticed that TV adverts always seemed to have numbers like 0800 100 200 or 0845 200 3000 so we started to look into why this was. Basically we found that TV adverts only have between 5 seconds and 15 seconds (if you have a big budget) to get a message over. The main body of any advert is the sales message which left about 2 seconds for the phone number to be displayed on the screen; 2 seconds to write a number down is not long enough! You try writing down any of these 0800 numbers in 2 seconds:-

0800 1254911 or 0800 5365212; it simply is not possible. Anyway, who watches the TV with a notepad and pen? The answer is – Nobody. Click here for 0800 Number by City Numbers.

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What are Vanity Numbers?

Vanity numbers are also known as phone words. These numbers reflect a word using the particular number buttons the letters belong to on the telephone key pad.  The numbers responding to the phone word can represent a word, partial word, acronym or abbreviation that is relative to the nature of the business. For example, for a garden ponds business they could purchase a particular number that spells out a relative word i.e. 0800-Lily-pads.

The advantage of using a phone word is that it is easy to remember for your customers. If you are advertising on the side of a vehicle or an advert, it does not give people a chance to write down or remember the numeric sequence in a short space of time but everyone will remember a word.

It is advisable to also advertise the numeric version of your vanity phone version on a website or a place where people have the time to write it down. Although it is proven that phone words increase your response rate by 30-60% not all phones display letters in the required way, these are more commonly smart phones that may use a QWERTY Keypad.

Phone Numbers Help You Market Your Business

With the world becoming a smaller place on a daily basis we can sell our products easily and efficiently to any place on the globe, however the World Wide Web has made selling easier and yet so much harder. We have become a society that can pick and choose its goods from anywhere, not just down at the local shopping centres on a weekend. All kinds of goods come to our front door and as a buyer we want it to be instant and reliable; with this comes one remaining factor for the ‘instant’ market; phone numbers.

Whether it be complaints, support or inquires to a company you will still call in order to make sure that there is a human on the other side, you make a call to a phone number to make sure you are getting an instant reply and acknowledgement for your problem or query. The sooner you get an answer the more we can concentrate on other ‘instant’ concerns.

Due to this ‘instant’ society YOU need to make sure that your business is marketing the right phone numbers, the right way.

A new common practice (due to technology) is to advertise many phone numbers across your marketing and websites; not only is it cost effective for monitoring advertisements, but it is a method of attracting local, national or global customers based on the form of phone numbers that you are using and where you are using them.

At this is where we help businesses understand the need for phone numbers and understanding their importance in their business.

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